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Instrument Type

EM Equipment      
  Geonics EM-38 RT with serial data output

Geonics EM-38B RT with serial data Output

Geonics EM31 RT with serial data output
Geonics EM31 MK II (integral data logger)

Geonics EM34-3

Allegro Data logger (DL) and software for the above

EMIX 34 Software for EM34

EM61 MKII TDEM metal detector, incl DL

EM61 MKII hand held TDEM Metal detector, hand held incl. DL
Real time position tracking logger and software
  TEM Equipment available on special request      
Gravity Equipment      
Scintrex CG5 Micro Gravity meter


GPR Equipment      

Sensors &Software pulseEKKO 100 Radar

25, 50, 100, 200 MHz antenna (available on special request)


Sensors & Software pulseEKKO 1000 Radar

225, 450, 900,  MHz antenna available


DVLII or Laptop for pulseEKKO systems

  EKKO View Deluxe Software

  EKKO View Deluxe Software
  EKKO 3D Software

  RAMAC/GPR with 100, 250, 500 and 800 MHz antenna
Magnetic Equipment      
G-858 Caesium Vapour Magnetometer
G-858G Caesium Vapour Magnetic Gradiometer
  Grad 601-2 Dual Fluxgate gradiometer  * New*      
G-823B Caesium Vapour Base Station or mobile Magnetometer/gradiometer
G-856AX "Memory" portable or base station proton magnetometer
Cart for Magnetic Gradiometer
  Field portable data logger with Trackmaker 823 for G-823 sensors *New*      
  G-882 Marine Magnetometer system, 160m tow cable with altimeter      
Radiometric Equipment      

Exploranium GR-256 Gamma Ray Spectrometer c/w 21 Xtal

  Exploranium GR320 Gamma Ray Spectrometer c/w 21 Xtal * New*      
Resistivity Equipment      
  Syscal Pro Switch 72, 10 channel imaging system 5m t/o interval      
Syscal Junior c/w 4 reels of wire and  electrodes
Junior Switch 48 Fast Imaging system, 5m electrode spacing, 48 electrodes,
Additional Imaging cable, 5m electrode spacing
OhmMapper CCR Imaging System, 1 or 2 receivers
OhmMapper, Cable Only
RES2DINV Software  
  IX1D v3.5 1D resistivity inversion software      
Seismic Equipment      
Geode G24, 24 channel Seismograph
Geode G48, 48 channel Seismograph
Geode G72, 72 channel Seismograph
  Geode G96, 96 channel Seismograph      
Geode G120, 120 channel Seismograph
Notebook/Tablet PC with Geode O/S
2 m T/O Interval 24 channel Geophone String
  2 m T/O Interval 24 channel Geophone cable      
5 m T/O Interval 24 channel Geophone cable
10 m T/O interval, 12 channel geophone cable
28 Hz Vertical Geophones (sets of  24)
14Hz Vertical Geophones (sets of  24)
  4.5 Hz Vertical Geophones (set of 24) * New*      
Horizontal Geophones  14 Hz (sets of 24)
Trigger Extension Cable
  Land Streamer, 2m t/o interval  4.5 Hz geophones fitted      
Buffalo gun energy source
CM-1,   3 channel Vibration Monitor
Mini-Sosie energy source  * New*
Other Instruments      
DGPS Receiver (requires data logger)
Serial Data Telemetry link
Atlas Deso 15 Echo Sounder
If you can find exactly what you need on this list, please contact us, we are often able to source other, more unusual items, or put together larger systems.
Geomatrix Earth Science Limited terms and conditions of rental apply, a full copy is available on request. Rates apply door to door our office. Rates do not include freight charges. Minimum rental period is 2 days. It is the renters responsibility to fully cover the risk on the equipment whilst in their possession or whilst being shipped.
Please contact us by telephone, or for rates and availability




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