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Seismic Instruments

Notice: 25 September 2006

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Seismic surveying is one of the most effective ways to explore rock and subsoil. It is ideal for finding groundwater, oil and useful minerals. We can offer Geodes in combinations up to 96 channels. Common applications include:

Shallow Seismic Refraction

In this type of survey you examine low and high velocity layers down to the basement rock, and map tectonic features and quality changes. Features within the overlaying sedimentary layers are also investigated

Shallow Seismic Reflection

Reflection surveys are becoming more and more popular for shallow studies thanks to significant improvements in the dynamic range of modern seismographs. Reflection surveys require powerful filtering, on-board trace scaling, high frequency energy sources and high frequency geophones for the best results.

Energy Sources:

For active seismic applications we offer the choice of, hammer and plate, Buffalo gun or mini-sosie vibratory energy source

Other Seismic Applications

Other applications include shearwave studies, vertical seismic profiling and tube wave measurements.

Vibration Monitoring

For hire only, we offer the CM2 vibration and sound monitor from Magus Electronics, click on the link on this page for full specifications.